Video Montage

Plasma, LCD and Video Projection Screens are available to project a slideshow, video, visual effects or music videos or all of the above throughout the course of the evening. You can incorporate a Video montage into your Wedding Reception in a variety of different ways. Some of the methods we have used as listed

During Cocktail Hour

As your guests eagerly await Your Arrival during the Cocktail Hour, we can create a Video montage continuously playing in the background. A simple
slideshow of old and new pictures can set the perfect mood and become a topic of conversation amongst your guests.

Slideshow Presentation

Another option is to create an emotional slideshow presentation for guest to view after dinner has been completed. An impactful background song can really add to the emotion and excitement. It can also be a great lead in to a speech by a parent or the parent dances.

And since you already have the screen…

Ambient Videos – Ambient videos can set the mood and bring a visual
element to your dance floor. We offer thousands of images
and background visual elements to set the mood and add a
sense of cool to your event. These type of visuals can
compliment any occasion.

Music Videos – Music Videos are another option available to you! We have thousands of music videos in our library from classic videos of the 80s and 90s to the current hits of today. Classic music videos are sometimes more popular and memorable than the actual song are perfect for theme or flashback nights. Today’s music videos are high tech, entertaining and slick. Music videos work best at school events, sweet 16 or the bar / club. Please be aware that some music videos contain explicit content and may not be suitable for children.

Zap Shots – We have relationships with several professional photographers who will work with us on the day of your event to capture those special and spontaneous moments. After a few moments these very shots can appear right one of our screens for all your guests to view and enjoy. Furthermore, all guests can be directed to our website to download