Tributes & Toasts


A time honored event at wedding receptions are tributes and toasts. Traditionally, the Best Man and / or Maid of honor give a champagne toast that is immediately following the first dance. While sometimes humorous, the Best Wedding Toasts are those that come from the heart. The best wedding toasts capture the moment and sentimentality that everyone in the room is feeling and put it into words. While some people have the knack and personality where they can “wing it”, most should prepare in advance to deliver a well thought out touching tribute. Having experienced many toasts and tributes we offer on site coaching and help to those who are “gun shy” or have a “fear of public speaking.”

Another popular toast involves inviting someone special to give a Blessing or Prayer before the meal is served. We urge you to pick someone appropriate.  “Rub-a-Dub Dub” thanks for the grub simply will not do. A religious minister of clergyman on hand might be an excellent choice.On occasion, usually towards the end of the reception, the Bride and Groom might feel inclined to give a speech themselves. They can use this time to thank everyone for sharing in their special day and possibly acknowledge people who could not attend. At a recent wedding reception where we performed, the Bride and Groom had a good friend who was not able to attend. The friend was overseas serving our country in Iraq. We pre-arranged for him to call in live with a special tribute that we played for all the guests to hear. It was a touching and memorable tribute!


Try to limit your speeches to two at a time. It can become very time consuming if there are a large number of speeches. If you have more than two, you might want to consider splitting them up. Parent speeches work well before video presentations or preceding the Parent Dances.