Check out DJ Anthony Gelo at these great venues!

Good Times Productions can add excitement and energy to your bar or club! We provide all the necessary mediums to KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS THERE and keep coming back time and time again! Musical diversity and many formats are among the many important aspects in keeping a bar crowd entertained. It’s not only having all the songs on hand, it’s knowing when and how and when to play them. We will work with you in developing and establishing a format to suit your particular clientele and following.

DJ Dance Party

A mixture of top 40 / hip hop and classic bar anthems are the most popular way to keep them dancing all night long. Our DJ Dance Party Nights are free from long drawn out house / club sets or hard to follow in dance: hip hop or rock songs. We make it a party from start to finish with anthems people know and love!

Classic Music Video Night

A unique idea for a Theme Night at a bar or club is a Classic Music Video Night. Great for off nights with a small intimate crowd, your patrons can participate by requesting one of our hundreds classic music videos from the 80s and 90 Trivia contests for house specials can also be
implemented to ensure audience participation.


Karaoke is a great way to generate business and to keep customers coming back, week after week. Our karaoke library consists of over 10,000 of the most popular karaoke tracks. We also offer several entertaining hosts and a state of the art karaoke system.

Theme Nights

Good Times Productions has produced some unique and different ideas for theme nights for bars / pubs in the past.Some unique ideas you may want to consider:

  • *Trivia Nights
  • *Halloween in Spring
  • *Woodstock music night
  • *50s, 60s, 70s, 80s Night
  • *Comedy shows
  • *Indie Rock Party


If you come up with a unique idea on your own please don’t hesitate to call us to help implement your idea. We can offer tips and advice using our years of experience to help make your vision become a reality.

DJ Anthony Gelo in Action…

Nightlife Clientele

  • Bar None, NYC
  • Sidetracks, Queens
  • Le Poisson Rogue, NYC
  • Salty Dog, Brooklyn
  • Village Pourhouse, NYC
  • Big Easy, NYC
  • Club Rebel, NYC
  • Gantry‚Äôs Pub, Queens
  • Last Call, Queens
  • Redemption, NYC
  • Raintower, Queens
  • Ravel Hotel Rooftop, Queens
  • Webster Hall, NYC
  • Boss Tweeds, NYC
  • Mercury Bar, NYC
  • Hope Lounge, Brooklyn