Master Of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies is defined as The Host of an Official Public or Private staged event or other performance. He must work closely with the person designated as the “Charge ‘d Affairs” of the event! The MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving. Often, not knowing who to speak to if a problem or confusion arrises, the DJ/MC is the liason to “sort out” what needs to be addressed should any problems occur.

Presenting The Performers

The presentations and announcements of special people, celebrities, political figures and others of notoriety at your event can be handled in a many different ways. We can provide a fun and appropriate, upbeat and rehearsed presentation of your special guests at your Wedding, Sweet 16 or Corporate Event. And, as always, there are last minute surprises in attendees. Just tell us, we can handle it! We’ll “fit it into the program!” We take the time to go over correctly pronouncing names prior to the day of your event. When it comes time to make those special announcements, they are polished and professional and there is no embarrassment!

Speak To The Audience

Sometimes your guests need a little push or bump to let loose. We all know that once the ice is broken, everyone becomes relaxed and settles into a party atmosphere. We provide that necessary push as needed by communicating with the audience and by encouraging them to “get onto the dance floor”. We are not overbearing and do not force anybody to dance unwillingly. We only promote the opportunity.

Keep The Event Moving

We will make all necessary announcements to keep your event moving as smooth as possible! We coordinate with your catering staff and other event professionals to ensure everyone is on the same page. Guests will be informed and comfortable. We are the hosts of your event and make everyone feel welcomed and ready to have a good time.