Class Reunion

As time goes by it gets harder and harder to keep track of old friends and acquaintances. The demands of life and career unintentionally prevent us from picking up the phone or sending that email to an old friend just to say hello. As time goes by weeks turn into months and months turn into years. Just as this thought popsinto your head you get a postcard in the mail…

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We understand that class reunions are a time to catch up with old friends. Conversation are very important. Let us coordinate with your alumni organization to ensure your class reunion has the appropriate schedule for all the events of your homecoming. Time to reminisce, class pictures, and special unique events are all important aspects of the reunion experience. Music from the era of the appropriate graduating class year creates the perfect backdrop for the entire evening as it can spark memories and be the conversation starters that with so much time past, can become awkward as old friends meet again after so many years!


I haven’t thought of that in years…

Have you considered a “DO YOU REMEMBER” portion of your reunion? Small 1 and 2 sentence phrases of old stories and inside jokes can be sent in by alumni to be read out loud or printed and distributed so everybody can have a good laugh and remember. A great idea for class reunions is to have a video presentation of old pictures. Classroom photos, prom memories or schoolyard pics can create much laughter and bring back old memories as classmates reunite.