anniversary1Remember how fast the day went? All that planning for months or even years for just one day! Your Wedding Day from start to finish is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life! Every single year you will be reminded of how much that day meant! Every day of your marriage is a gift! Certain milestones in your lives together will be cause for celebrations. Your Anniversary can and should be a time for friends and family to get together and reminisce about old times and treasures to the present.

Possibly based upon the year or day of your reception? Here’s an idea…

  • *Reprinting the newspaper from your Wedding Day and giving it out 13wqas a favor?
  • *Renew your vows with all members of the Wedding Party who can attend.
  • *Book your Anniversary Party in the same reception hall.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Of course how can we forget about a very important aspect of your Wedding Reception. THE MUSIC

Things we should know …

  • *What was the first song you danced too as Newlyweds so many years ago?
  • *Did you hire a DJ or a Band for your Reception? Are they still around? Maybe we can obtain them to sing a song or two.
  • *Was there a song that was played at your Wedding Reception that stood out, got the crowd “moving” or is of sentimental value?
  • *Was there a dance craze the year of your Wedding? The Twist, Macarena or Electric Slide?
  • *Was there a funny moment at your Reception? Something that everybody had a good laugh over? Let us know!


Of course if you have a video of Your Reception, we’d love to play it for you in the background at your Anniversary Party on our plasma or Lcd screens.